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Out now! Valentines Weekend Special offer of $.99

Returning to their hometown in style, Doctors Mason & Ross open a sexual medicine practice. Blessed with wealth and good-looks, the bachelors are desired by every female in the zip code. Since the girls can’t win the doctors’ hearts, they must settle for sexual treatment instead.

Attending their high-school reunion, the doctors are approached by a face from their past. The popular and beautiful Kayla Carter seeks them out, hoping they’ll cure her sexual dysfunction. Agreeing to treat her, the two doctors make a deal to stimulate her body, but not their hearts. Of course, promises are easier to make than keep.

Warning: This 17,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, Ménage à trois, penetration, oral sex, straight sex, anal sex, MFM, medical fetish, doctor/patient sex, sexual use of medical tools, enema play, Sybian, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)


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February 10, 2014 · 8:56 pm

The Colony – tantalising excerpt from Part 1

The Colony (Part I) excerpt


   His mind traveled back five years, though it was so raw, it could’ve been yesterday.  Dylan had approached his best friend Thomas’ home.  Alexa was at work with no reason to be AWOL.  He intended to mend a friendship which went unexplainably cold.

   That was when his earth cracked.  Alexa’s BMW reflected off his eyeballs, snug in Thomas’ driveway.  He parked down the street, creeping towards a home he’d known so well.  It was a friendship he thought he knew well.

   Arriving at the door, he reached under the floor mat, feeling for a spare key.    It was gone.  Noticing the unlatched door, he wouldn’t need it.  Whoever closed it was in a hurry; they’d obviously had their hands full.  

Quietly creaking the door open, he feared what his eyes would see.  Unfortunately, his ears would be assaulted first.  Lustful feminine moans penetrated his heart.  Swallowing hard, he slowly approached the master bedroom.  

   Upon arrival, his reflection shined in a hallway mirror.  I’ve lost my appeal, he silently thought.  In reality, it was the exact opposite.  He got better looking with age, though his confidence had gotten uglier.

   Hoping to find an answer, Dylan placed his ear to the bedroom door.  The moans got louder, vibrating his eardrums.  It’s not Alexa’s voice, he quietly lied to himself, preparing to leave.  That’s when the air conditioned breeze huffed the door ajar.  Within moments, lies were disproven by a slit of sight.  

   His best friend, Thomas, wrapped Alexa Hunter in his arms.  The angelic, curvy blond glowed in a beam of window light.  She kissed her muscular lover passionately, their tongues dancing an adulterous Mamba.  The gently opened door went unnoticed, too consumed by their play.

   Dylan’s heart thumped against his chest.  The first thought to enter his mind was, she’s never kissed me like that.  Their heat got hotter by the moment.  Thomas bit Alexa’s bottom lip, taking hold with his teeth.

Yanking away, he took his aggression to her neck.  First he sucked on the most sensitive skin.  Right before a hickey formed, he gnawed into her flesh like a fanged beast.

   Watching from the tiny slit of doorway, Dylan’s anger spread like forest fire in drought.  The longer he raged, the more his core melted.  However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t look away.  He watched his curvy wife tossed onto the bed.   

   Is she hurt? Dylan wondered, having never dared handle her like that.  His answer came in her wanting expression.  She thrust her skirted legs open, revealing a high riding thong.

   Dropping to his knees, Thomas dove between her soft thighs.  Alexa’s head dipped back, feeling her lover’s teeth nibble upon covered flesh.  Taking hold of the cloth, he nipped her throbbing clit along the way.  Thomas’ head flung backward, removing the black lingerie with him.  Before it cleared her ankles, the stud tore the panty bands in two.

   The adulterous male pulled off his jeans, as Alexa Hunter removed her shirt.  Braless C-cups spilled out.  Her husband Dylan gasped in shock.  Who is this woman? He asked himself.  My wife always wears a bra.

His shock grew, seeing her lunge for his friend’s 7-inch cock.  The cum-starved seductress begged to blow her lover.  “Fuck my mouth…now!”  Wrapping her pouty lips around Thomas’ offering, she squeezed his balls with her hand.  

   As it was swallowed deeper, Thomas gripped a handful of Alexa’s golden hair, forcing her to his cock’s base.  She gagged violently, though refused to stop.  A sweet flow of saliva sailed down the penile shaft, parting manly marbles.

   She’ll suffocate!  She can’t handle that! Dylan thought.  Her throat proved otherwise, adapting to new limits.  She expertly continued, reaching between her legs, rubbing herself in unison with the head thrusts.  Moving at blazing speed, her warm mouth united with the lover’s offering.

   Still biting the thong in his teeth, Thomas had another plan for the garment.  Removing his slick cock from her orifice, he gagged her with the torn black silk.  Dragging her towards the headboard by her hair, Thomas forced her arm outward.

   She put up little fight, letting him cuff her wrists and ankles to secured straps.  Clearly, it wasn’t the first time they’d used them.  Alexa accepted her willing captivity, giving all control to her master.


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Slaves & Breeders Box Set -out now!

Slaves & Breeders Box Set

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February 2, 2014 · 2:42 pm

Freaky Friday’s Erotic Excerpt – Teaching Emma

  The male model stepped up to Emma.  A whole new fear encompassed her.  “I have a boyfriend,” Ms. Heart declared.

   “Then clearly…this should be a familiar task,” Mr. Ryan wickedly said.

   She exhaled, knowing even less about the male body than her own.  She’d never had sex or given a blow job before.  Even hand jobs were concealed within her boyfriend’s pants.

   Starting up at the male model’s pecs, she felt his chest.  Running her hands down his hard, smooth stomach, she averted her direction before contacting his cock.  Instead, she went around to his muscular ass cheeks.

   Sculpted like Michelangelo’s David, she ran her hands along his defined crack.  Feeling his buns tighten to steel, she squeezed a handful of pleasure.  After exploring his rock-hard legs, there was only one attraction left.

   Rising up chiseled thighs, she neared his testicles.  I’ve never touched another man besides Kyle, she realized.  As much trepidation that filled her body, an eager curiosity pushed her forward.  

   She reached for the hanging fruit.  Balling them into one fist, they began to ascend, shrinking at the tickling touch.  While they went inward, his cock grew outward.  Like an air-pump, the flaccid 6-inches lengthened with each testicle squeeze.  

   Watching it rise towards her face, she backed away, avoiding a face smacking.  While holding his balls in one hand, she secured the rod with her other.  Her eyes widened at the swelling member.

   Cupping the penis’ base, it grew inside her warm hand.  It reached a nine-inch limit, swelling with veins, throbbing in her grasp.  She could feel his heartbeat across the bottom ridge, as a clear glob of fluid seeped from the mushroom head.

   Having once feared the male body, she familiarized herself with every bump, curve, and dimple.  Emma was suddenly a fan.  

   “Taste the opposite sex,” Mr. Ryan ordered.

   Reality returned as she let go of his penis.  “Oh, I can’t do that!  I’ve never even…oraled my boyfriend.”

   “I’m not asking you to perform oral sex.  I’m merely asking you to taste his pre-cum.  Baby steps, Ms. Heart.”

   Emma took another look at it, thinking, It does look pretty tasty.  Oh, just do it already.  She gripped the base again, slightly aiming the manhood towards her face.  Squeezing it harder, the clear liquid increased, leaking downward.  She opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue.

   As the two came into contact, they were like natural allies.  His man sugar stimulated her senses, as she licked it clean.  While pulling away, a clear strand remained in its wake.  As it snapped, a ring encircled her lips.  Savoring every drop, she ingested the smooth concoction.  “Mmmm,” she moaned in pleasure, hearing the class chuckle again.  She covered her mouth in embarrassment.


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Teaching Emma – Now Available as a Box Set!

Teaching Emma - Now Available as a Box Set!




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January 31, 2014 · 9:04 am

New Release! The Colony (part III) Prophecy


Kindle Nook Smashwords

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January 26, 2014 · 12:32 am

New Release!


Out now !

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New Release: Teaching Emma Part3


After Ray discovers the secret relationship, Emma and Mark are separated.  Unable to accept such a punishment, the professor confronts his student’s guardian.  The abusive man at home is offered a deal he can’t refuse.

Forced to move their class to another location, the Doms and subs continue to receive lifestyle training.  While acquiring many new sexual skills, they await completion of the six-week college course.  If Emma and Mark can avoid prosecution before semester’s end, their love will endure.  Though if Ray gets to them first, he’ll tear them apart forever.

Warning: This 19,000 word story contains erotic romance, graphic language, BDSM, erotic situations, sex, anal sex, oral sex, public gyno exam, bondage, spanking, exhibition, swinging, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

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Out NOW! The Colony: Part 2



Click here to Purchase for: Kindle Nook Smashwords

Having been cleansed of their pasts, Dylan and Alexa join the colony. Made official members, they’re introduced to new rules, dark rituals, and sexual rights. Their biggest challenge comes in sharing each other.Alexa discovers a mutual desire with the deity. Ready to start a new life, Dylan tries to relinquish his skeptical mind. Though after learning of his wife’s coming fate, he finds it’s harder than he thought.

Warning: This 19,000 word story contains graphic language, BDSM, erotic situations, sex, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, flogging, spanking, exhibition, swinging, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

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Indie Revolution

One of my books…”Breeding The In-Laws”… was burned during Amazon’s witch hunt.  As they requested, I changed my title, cover and blurb.  After submitting, it was accepted, published and put on sale again.   To my surprise, I get an email tonight (2 days later) stating it has been re-reviewed and is again rejected.  The issues? Exactly the same as before!
I think it’s time for indie/erotica authors to unite, find one main ebook retailer to endorse…maybe give birth to a site ourselves?  If we all did it, advertising to our readers, it may have a chance at rivaling the ruthless king.  It would have to make a splash, be newsworthy to get the public’s attention…go viral.  News headlines like…Authors ban Amazon?  Writers fight for readers’ right to choose?
If we just cower in the shadows of this hypocritical giant…we’ll soon find ourselves in the ashes of the “indie revolution.”  It’ll be a war we speak of in past tense…because we only fought to survive…not to win. 


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